Increasing customer engagement with AI

Consumers have more choices than ever before on where to shop, bank, travel, eat, and more. To catch and retain customers’ attention, brand marketers are turning to the power of AI to create highly personalized experiences and offers. These targeted campaigns are data-driven and demonstrate that brands truly understand what their customers want, explains Raviteja...

5 top tips for ensuring your conversational AI project is a hit

Conversational AI is becoming more popular as a way of automating messaging and speech-enabled applications that offer human-like interactions between computers and humans. But it’s often hard to get these projects right. This article will look at five key areas that will help improve your Conversational AI project, explains Dan Johnson, Head of Automation, Future...

The problem with emails and what the future holds

Matt Weston, Managing Director of digital transformation specialists Vantage 365, takes a look at the place of emails in corporate communications in 2021, contemplating whether they are still fit for purpose and why so many organizations are switching to alternative methods of staying connected.

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