Confluent named Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year

Confluent, Big Data, Confluent named Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year

Confluent’s strong partnership with Google Cloud delivers a fast path for Google Cloud customers to set data in motion.

Confluent, Inc, the platform to set data in motion, was awarded the 2020 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year Award for Smart Analytics. As a three-time winner of Google Cloud’s Technology Partner of the Year, the award underscores Confluent’s strong partnership with Google Cloud in helping customers succeed in tackling their data analytics priorities. That means bridging on-premises and multi-cloud data architectures, modernising legacy data applications and platforms, or deploying real-time analytics across their businesses. With these capabilities, organisations around the world are powering rich customer experiences and smarter backend operations.

“Together, Confluent and Google Cloud help customers quickly unite data, no matter where it resides, for powerful, real-time analytics and a reliable bridge across on-premises environments and modern cloud systems,” said Vinod Devan, Global Head of Partner Ecosystem and Business Development, Confluent. “We’re honoured that our strong partnership is recognised for the third year in a row and are dedicated to empowering more businesses to set their data in motion.”

“We’re proud to recognise Confluent as our Technology Partner of the Year for Smart Analytics,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystem at Google Cloud. “This award recognises Confluent’s commitment to customer success and its delivery of innovative and impactful solutions on Google Cloud in Smart Analytics. We look forward to building together with Confluent and creating business value for customers with cloud technologies.”

Leverage Data in Motion Across Distributed Data Sources and Environments with an Expanded Library of Connectors and New Anthos-Ready Capabilities

Many companies struggle to connect data sources spanning multiple clouds, databases, and hybrid environments. It often requires custom-built connectors that are difficult to scale and time-consuming to build and manage. Confluent partnered with Google Cloud to make it easier to connect data between Confluent and the Google Cloud ecosystem. Over the past year, Confluent expanded its library of 120+ pre-built connectors to include Google Cloud StorageBigQueryCloud SpannerDataproc, and Cloud Functions. Using these, enterprises can quickly bridge their on-prem architectures and other SaaS providers to Google Cloud for more intelligent machine learning use cases, sophisticated analytics, and real-time data pipelines.

These capabilities are easy to launch directly from the Google Cloud Console. With Confluent available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, there’s seamless integration. Confluent Cloud usage is simply added to monthly Google Cloud bills. This makes Confluent a quick way for Google Cloud customers to set their data in motion.

“We needed to get up and to run as fast as possible, so we needed something that could be provisioned quickly, almost instantaneously,” said Chirag Dadia, Director of Engineering, Nuuly. “That’s a big reason why Confluent and Google Cloud became the obvious choice for us. Being able to take data from our Kafka topics and ship it off to BigQuery with Kafka Connect means we do not need to introduce any new technology stacks into our environment, saving lots of precious time.”

“Confluent and Google Cloud enabled us to address our large database footprint and retire our legacy data platform, which was in many ways our Achilles’ heel,” said Jason Mattioda, Head of Enterprise Platforms and Data Engineering Rodan and Fields. “After moving to real-time streaming on a cloud-based modern architecture, we can now deliver new features and capabilities to our customers and know that they won’t be slowed by an outdated architecture.”

“From a technology perspective, we want to continue to invest in platforms that deliver new capabilities and improve our ability to deliver faster,” said Mike Onders, Executive Vice President, Divisional Chief Data Officer and Head of Enterprise Architecture KeyBank. “Working with Confluent and Google Cloud and investing in our center of excellence enabled us to democratise data and decouple systems across IT in a way that reduces complexity, costs, and time to market for enterprise-wide digital transformation.”

To enable organisations to take full advantage of data everywhere it is, Confluent for Kubernetes is now Anthos ready. Anthos makes it possible to deploy Google Cloud’s technology and partner services on-premises, across clouds, and at the edge. In addition, using Anthos for multi-cloud and hybrid deployments can use Confluent for Kubernetes with centralised management via Anthos.

We look forward to furthering our partnership with Google Cloud’s an engineering and product teams to make comprehensive, real-time data analytics easier and faster for all companies. Our strategic collaboration is dedicated to ensuring our customers succeed in building the next generation applications and operations that drive their business.


About Confluent

Confluent is pioneering a fundamentally new category of data infrastructure focused on data in motion. Confluent’s cloud-native offering is the foundational platform for data in motion—designed to be the intelligent connective tissue enabling real-time data from multiple sources to stream across the organisation constantly. With Confluent, organisations can meet the new business imperative of delivering rich, digital front-end customer experiences and transitioning to sophisticated, real-time, software-driven backend operations. 

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