Breakfast webinar: understanding ExtremeCloud IQ

Extreme Networks is hosting a Breakfast Webinar on its solution, ExtremeCloud IQ. Join us this 6th October 2021 at 10:30 am & breakfast is on us!
Extreme Networks is hosting a breakfast webinar on its solution, ExtremeCloud IQ. Join us this 6th October 2021 at 10:30AM and enjoy breakfast on us!

We are thrilled to be hosting a webinar that takes a closer look at Extreme Networks‘ all-in-one software solution, ExtremeCloud IQ. Attendees can register and receive complimentary breakfast to be delivered to you on us. 

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ExtremeCloud IQ at a glance

Even without the acceleration caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the cloud has taken centre stage for businesses in transforming their operations and services. However, with new technology comes new challenges, and cloud security has remained at the forefront of concerns for IT specialists, who have to contend with sophisticated attacks which are ever-evolving.

To begin to combat these threats effectively, organizations must look at their cloud ecosystem as a whole to implement protection. One company that provides this service is Extreme Networks, which leverages AWS, Azure and Google Security to ensure that an organization’s cloud platform is protected while also implementing encryption of data traffic while in transit.

ExtremeCloud IQ provides an all-in-one software solution to make life easier for IT staff with centralized visibility of all network devices, cloud or non-cloud native, and automated network alerts. In addition, ExtremeCloud IQ offers cloud management beyond compare with unified, full-stack management of wireless access points, switches, and routers, enabling remote onboarding, configuration, troubleshooting, and more.

During this webinar, attendees will have the chance to learn more about Extreme Networks’ security capabilities. This includes its role-based access control, WPA3 security, context-based networking, PPSK, cloud-managed network access control, and the many other ways it protects a cloud ecosystem.

Event Hosts

Russell Bristow, Extreme Networks Commercial Lead at Ampito

Ben Holland, Senior Account Managers at Extreme Networks


10:30: Introduction on Vanix partnership with Extreme Networks

10:40: Overview of benefits and features of ExtremeCloud IQ

11:10: Q&A

11:30: Final thoughts

Complimentary breakfast

Attendees can share their addresses with us upon registration to receive a complimentary breakfast.


Click here to register for Extreme Networks’ webinar

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