NetApp is evolving its Unified Partner Program to better support its partners

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NetApp has announced the advancements of its Unified Partner Program. Top Business Tech takes a closer look.

NetApp, the international software company that supports businesses in accelerating digital transformation strategies, has announced that it has enhanced its NetApp partner ecosystem to capitalise on market changes. These changes will take place for the fiscal year 2022 and provide users with a more streamlined experience as it transitions into a new tiering structure.

The program will expand the partner ecosystem, allowing a wealth of new financial incentives to drive profitability. “It’s an exciting time to be a NetApp partner,’’ said John Woodall, vice president, engineering at GDT, a longtime NetApp partner. “The new updates to the Unified Partner Program will make it easier to do business with NetApp. Together, by offering a simpler experience, more flexibility and clear areas for our joint investment, these changes will enable us to further differentiate based on our expertise and contributions. More importantly, it serves as a clear roadmap for our alignment with NetApp and the emerging roles of an OEM and their Partner community.”


There are a number of enhancement to the NetApp Unified Partner Program for FY’22 that are available instantly, including: 

  • Expansion of partner ecosystems, which will now include specialist partners.
  • Incentives are now streamlined to align with primary initiatives, including customer acquisition, FlexPod, consumption, cloud and more.
  • NetApp will now reward Individual participants who assist in driving leads.
  • Partners with unique skillsets will have the chance to be recognised for their go-to-market models. New solution specialisations are available for Cloud Preferred, FlexPod, SAP, AI/ML, Data Protection, Data Security, Hosting Service Provider, Infrastructure, and Spot by NetApp Preferred.
  • Services Certified Specialisations such as  Integration Services Certified, Lifecycle Services Certified, and NetApp Keystone Services Certified will be transformed to become more customer-centric across the hybrid lifecycle.
  • Lastly, The NetApp partner locator is changing to create a seamless customer experience that will seek to create the most advantageous partnerships.

Commenting on these changes, Chris Lamborn, Head of Global Partner GTM & Programs at NetApp, said: “We are transforming our Unified Partner Program and evolving its structure to make doing business with NetApp simpler and more profitable for our partners than ever before. The latest updates are just the start of a multi-phase strategy to incentivise and reward our partners for their solution expertise while delivering greater value to their customers.”


More NetApp news

This news follows on at the same time that Jordi Botifoll has been appointed as NetApp’s new Vice President for Iberia and Latin America. He brings over 20 years of experience in Cisco technology, and his extensive experience and recognition in driving both technology and diversity strategies will align NetApp in building upon the synergies between well-aligned markets as Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Botifoll expressed his enthusiasm: “I am very excited to be part of a disruptive organisation in the field of innovation and leadership, such as NetApp, and to participate in its project for the popularisation of Cloud technologies, which will change the future of business in a few years.”

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An image of , Business, NetApp is evolving its Unified Partner Program to better support its partners

Amber Donovan-Stevens

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