A closer look at IBM’s new SASE services

IBM has announced that it is expanding its zero trust strategy capabilities with new SASE services to modernize network security.
IBM has announced that it is expanding its zero trust strategy capabilities with new SASE services to modernize network security.

IBM Security has announced new Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) services that will assist organizations in accelerating cloud adoption at the edge. The new services are a combination of methods from IBM Security, and technology from Zscaler. This combination will deliver fully managed transformation to a cloud-based SASE architecture, a key element of zero trust security.

The rise of SASE

According to a report commissioned by IBM, 78% of the surveyed organizations are looking to implement SASE in the next year. SASE can support organizations digitally transforming, adopting the cloud or SaaS applications, and providing services to a hybrid workforce and customer base.

“Traditional approaches to network security are not as viable in a digital world where users and applications are distributed. We’re seeing this transformation happen right before our eyes as many organizations plan to operate in a hybrid model for the foreseeable future,” said Mary O’Brien, General Manager, IBM Security. 

“This new approach requires a shift in culture, processes and collaboration across teams alongside a new technology architecture. By focusing on business needs, our zero trust approach can help accelerate this transformation for clients thanks to the skills, methods, and capabilities brought together via our alliance partnership with Zscaler.”

Many organizations struggle to implement SASE solutions as it represents a shift in the way security is structured. IBM Security Services for SASE seeks to support organizations in transforming their network security, and further supporting business drivers such as hybrid workforce, seamless third-party access, merger & acquisition execution, and network transformation for the hybrid cloud, 5G, and IoT.

IBM’s SASE program uses a zero-trust approach to assisting organizations in protecting their business drivers: 

Hybrid Workforce Access 

IBM’s network access solution is based on zero trust methods to replace traditional VPN connectivity, providing improved protection and a smoother user experience. In addition, this solution is flexible to hybrid work and scalable as the business evolves. 

Third-Party Access

IBM can develop its solution to allow organizations to define and extend internal workforce policies to contractors and third-party users. This includes authentication and as well as visibility and control over who has access to sensitive data. Organizations can also set up individual policies by type of user, group, and application.

Mergers and Acquisitions 

The provider can design integrated access management with other companies involved in a merger or acquisition using an organization’s existing identity. This will hasten the transition for all employees involved.

Network Transformation

As a part of its SASE implementation strategy, IBM seeks to support organizations in transforming their networks from a traditional structure to a cloud-based one. This transformation stands to lower latency and cut costs. 

5G, Edge and IoT Protection and Support

IBM offers to enable edge computing to protect brach-to-cloud operations. Organizations can use the complete SASE solution to enable additional IoT business drivers while protecting them.


“Implementing a zero trust architecture is an important step for organizations adopting SASE to effectively secure new distributed working models and safeguard mission-critical services that have now moved to the cloud,” said Jay Chaudhry, Chairman, CEO and Founder of Zscaler. 

“Through our expanded alliance partnership with IBM, as part of the Zscaler Zero Trust Ecosystem, customers can confidently expedite their secure digital transformation journey to support essential initiatives from ensuring secure employee productivity from anywhere to accelerating M&A transactions.”

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