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In a zero trust world, where is the UK?

President Biden’s Executive Order has opened the doors to Zero Trust, but will Boris Johnson follow suit? Tony Scott, board member, ColorTokens, former federal CIO for the Obama administration, offers his insight.

Why you need to be data assured

James Blake, Field CTO Security EMEA at Rubrik, looks at defining data assurance and explains how businesses can ensure an architecture that supports it going forward.

The zero trust blindspot

Zero trust architecture is undoubtedly the future of cybersecurity. It does not however typically extend beyond network access, which is a shortcoming that will eventually come back to bite the information security community as a whole, says Pete Smith, archTIS VP and General Manager of EMEA.

Why every company needs to implement Zero Trust

Thanks to the new pandemic-induced normal, the world of work has become increasingly defined by connectivity and digitalisation, and within this context, traditional ‘detect and prevent’ security solutions are no longer effective. Here, Tom McVey at Menlo Security discusses the importance of Zero Trust – what it means, why businesses should be considering it, and how it can be achieved with the use of isolation technology.

Why companies should implement Zero Trust

The Zero Trust concept essentially means that nobody using a network is automatically trusted, everything must be questioned, and rights are granted and validated on an ongoing basis, depending on the access requested. Many organisations have found this method to be incredibly effective in warding off potential security threats and data breaches, especially within today’s digital age, whereby more organisations are harvesting valuable data across multiple vendors in the cloud, explains Marc Lueck, CISO EMEAat Zscaler.