Using eSIM and iSIM will save money for IoT deployments

Transforma Insights analysis points to an 8-13% saving to be made on lifetime connectivity spend by enterprises if they choose eSIM and iSIM options rather than removable plastic SIM cards for their IoT deployments.

Embedded SIM (eSIM), and to a lesser extent its coming successor, integrated SIM (iSIM), have established themselves as part of the range of functionalities that need to be carefully considered by an organisation when planning a cellular-based IoT solution.

The move away from the plastic removable SIM has also created a requirement for remote SIM provisioning (RSP) to manage the profiles on the device.

While the technologies are not yet mature, they are now standardised (with a few exceptions) and are being actively promoted by some connectivity providers, particularly the IoT mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

Transforma Insights has undertaken an extensive study of the eSIM/iSIM/RSP ecosystem with the aim of understanding the cost implications of the various decisions around components and mechanisms for subscription management. This assessment of cost included both direct costs, such as components and subscription management, and indirect costs including security, compliance and logistics. We also examined the impact that the choice of component and SIM provisioning mechanism would have on the lifetime cost of connectivity for the device.

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2nd March 2023