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Happy 75th birthday NHS

In the run-up to the NHS’ 75th birthday, I have been thinking about what it means to people – not just to our colleagues in BT’s healthcare team, but to communities across the nation.

Interoperable technology: A revolutionary vision for aviation

Summer 2022 will be remembered by many as the time people clambered through baggage carousels in search of their own luggage, when images of bags piled high outside terminals became a daily occurrence and when commentators branded it “the summer of lost luggage”. The perfect storm was at our doors – staff shortages, increased demand and unsophisticated baggage processing left the industry on its knees.

Lightweight innovation for the aerospace industry

By transforming the way parts are designed and created, metal 3D printing provides an incredible game-changer for the aerospace industry with lightweighting opportunities. 3D Systems metal 3D printing rewrites the rulebook, as there is no longer any correlation between costs and complexity. The sky really is the limit.

Luxtripper among Britain’s fastest-growing companies

Luxtripper is an award-winning luxury travel company specialising in experiential, multi-destination and adventure travel across the world’s most exotic destinations. Set up in 2015 by CEO Nena Chaletzos, the business has created its own innovative technology that can match customers to destinations in seconds, and build bespoke itineraries tailored to their exacting requirements. With a team of 130 based across the UK and India, the social-focused business has since become one of the world’s most influential travel brands on Facebook and Instagram

Meet Magnetic

Just over a year ago, Manchester’s award-winning digital design studio, magneticNorth merged with London’s leading innovation consultancy, Fluxx. The businesses combined their 30+ years of experience to become an independent design and innovation powerhouse, fuelling post-pandemic business growth.

The merger is now complete and the combined businesses have become Magnetic. The new company name symbolises the duality of design and innovation; and is a nod to the necessity of organisations and changemakers coming together to create positive impact.

StreamLine launches to drive water sector innovation

StreamLine makes it easier for business and innovators to obtain advice to navigate regulations when developing new goods and services. Innovation is vital to tacking the challenges faced by the water sector and the customers it serves, such as climate change, securing reliable water services, maintaining safe drinking water and contributing to a healthy water environment.

6 ways to focus on software development success

Software development teams the world over are under significant pressure to maximise productivity, quality and impact. These priorities are difficult to balance and measuring key parts of the development process should not be overlooked if projects are to meet their goals. Jeff Keyes, VP of Product Marketing and Strategy at Plutora, explains how flow metrics offer a proven process for measuring and maximising success.

SAP: The world’s largest business network

At its global SAPPHIRE NOW conference, SAP SE announced a bold vision to create new business communities able to improve business outcomes, better navigate changing economic and geopolitical conditions and enhance sustainability contributions.