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Maritime digital transformation: reframing the narrative

Much has been written about the challenges of digital transformation in the maritime industry. Generalised value statements like “sluggish”, “resistance” and even “unsuccessful” have been tacked onto the topic like barnacles on the bottom of a vessel. But nobody would now deny that the future of the maritime industry depends on digitalisation. Overcoming maritime’s digital barriers should not be down to one individual or organisation. Instead, ship managers, owners, operators, ports, seafarers and tech companies need to work better together if the industry wants to make digital transformation happen. This is vital if the industry is to operate smoothly, efficiently and sustainably.

How will faster digital transformation affect your IT infrastructure?

We have witnessed a rapid expansion of initiatives and projects to assist digital transformation in recent years, but, the rate of digitisation will never be as sluggish as it is today. All companies want to be digitally transformed, but 55% say their digital strategies, as they stand, can’t keep up with their businesses.

The Time is Now for Digital Transformation

According to a McKinsey research report, 70% of enterprises that had taken on digital transformation reported in 2020 that their momentum had stalled. It is worth understanding the reasons–culture or scale for example–causing the slowdown as the payoffs from digital transformation can be impressive. It can lead to more efficient operations, with enterprises enjoying autonomy beyond their operations. An entire ecosystem with data transparency functions more smoothly as inefficiencies are easier to pinpoint and fix. It’s not easy and sometimes calls for specialised technology, especially in harsh working environments, such as field services and manufacturing.

Why CISOs must now embrace SD-WAN

As Simon Hill, Head of Legal & Compliance, Certes Networks insists, it is time for CISOs to take a lead role in the Digital Transformation process – or risk being side-lined for good.

Node4 Keeps Places Leisure Moving

Continuing a nearly 20-year customer relationship, Node4 delivers a centralised IT procurement, self-service IT helpdesk support, Microsoft356 roll-out and hosted cloud environment to Places Leisure.