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Why MACH is the future of customer experience

Because MACH architecture is modular, retailers can not only select the best technology solutions on the market to create their eCommerce system, but also integrate them together without the need for a disruptive re-platforming project.

How to navigate NFT ownership rights

Whilst NFTs promise to deliver new monetisation models for brands, artists and content creators, IP and copyright issues are becoming a real challenge and are in danger of negatively impacting the customer experience.

One of the issues is the overlaps that occur as NFTs continue to link more closely with real-time physical art and brands. After all, NFTs are just tokens that represent an asset and are completely separate from the physical asset itself. However, this grey area raises the question of who actually holds the rights to the asset. As of now, unless an external agreement is made between the buyer and artist, the copyright to an NFT still belongs to the artist. But, when sums are sometimes in the thousands, this is unacceptable for many customers.