Samsung’s new mid-power LED integrates unsurpassed light efficacy with leading colour quality

Samsung has introduced a new mid-power LED package, the LM301B EVO.

Samsung Electronics has introduced the LM301B EVO, a new mid-power LED package that has been designed to set the pace in light efficacy and colour quality for indoor and industrial applications.

Once centred on light efficacy, global regulations and standards for lighting are becoming more comprehensive to include strict criteria for energy efficiency and colour quality. The European Union’s energy labels for light sources (Energy-related Products Directive; ErP) have been revised to become more stringent, and the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) — a non-profit organisation for lighting standards in the US and Canada — has added an index for colour quality while requiring the same high efficacy level.

[image: LM301B EVO, image courtesy of Samsung Electronics]

The LM301B EVO helps to meet the rigorous lighting standards on both energy efficiency and colour quality. Built upon Samsung’s proprietary flip-chip design, the LED package features the industry’s highest efficacy of 235 lumens per watt (lm/W) by applying a new reflective material inside the packaging mould and improving phosphor conversion efficiency. Samsung also fine-tuned the red spectrum in the LED’s phosphor mix to enable superior colour quality, especially with the red hues, which are usually more difficult to render accurately.

“Our new LM301B EVO offers an unrivalled mix of light efficacy and colour rendering that aligns nicely with the changing landscape of LED lighting standards,” said Un Soo Kim, senior vice president of the LED Business Team Samsung Electronics. “Samsung will continue to provide value-added LED light sources through technological innovation, as we push hard to exceed energy standards across the globe.”

When using the package, luminaire manufacturers can create lamps that qualify for the ErP Directive’s Grade A certification and meet the DLC’s latest V5.1 Premium requirements while achieving industry-leading efficacy.

Based on the industry-standard 3030 platforms, the LM301B EVO can be easily integrated into existing and newly designed fixtures for general and premium luminaires.


The LM301B EVO is now in production and available in colour temperatures ranging from 2,700K to 6,500K. To facilitate adoption into existing markets, the package will also be available in two lighting modules — the Q-series EVO optimised for indoor lighting at offices and schools and the H inFlux EVO for high–ceiling applications, including factories and warehouses.

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