Proofpoint launches industry’s first cloud-native information protection and cloud security platform

Cybersecurity leader Proofpoint will also introduce multiple people-centric advancements spanning its Threat Protection and Compliance Platforms, including Advanced BEC Defense, powered by the new Supernova detection platform.

Proofpoint, has today announced several people-centric innovations across its three flagship platforms: Threat Protection, Compliance, and the new Information Protection and Cloud Security. Available today, Proofpoint’s Information Protection and Cloud Security Platform is the market’s first cloud-native solution that combines enterprise data loss prevention (DLP), insider threat management, cloud app security broker (CASB), zero-trust network access, remote browser isolation, and a cloud-native web security solution.

“People are unquestionably the new perimeter—especially as organisations embrace hybrid work and increasingly adopt cloud applications. Our newest people-centric enhancements fortify the human element against a heightened combination of advanced threats, data loss, and compliance risks,” said Ryan Kalember, executive vice president of Cybersecurity Strategy for Proofpoint. “Backed by Proofpoint’s machine learning NexusAI and trillions of data points across all the digital channels that matter, our intelligence is unmatched in the industry. We are committed to developing security innovations that protect people from today’s most damaging threats everywhere they work.”

Proofpoint analyses more than 2.2 billion email messages every day, 35 billion URLs, 200 million attachments, 35 million cloud accounts, and more. Today’s advancements span its Threat Protection, Compliance, and Information Protection and Cloud Security Platforms, including:

The new Proofpoint information protection and cloud security platform

  • Proofpoint Web Security: Available starting at Protect 2021, Proofpoint’s new cloud-native security solution provides controls and isolation when end users access the web. When combined with Proofpoint’s CASB, remote browser isolation, and Zero Trust Network access solutions, organizations are provided with a new SASE security architecture to ensure access control coupled with threat and data protection for users accessing internet cloud services and private applications.
  • Managed Transition Services: Available now following the Intelisecure integration, this new service provides organizations with a trusted partner with deep experience in migration and decommissioning as they replace their legacy DLP products with new people-centric innovations.

Proofpoint threat protection platform innovations stop BEC and provide people-centric visibility

  • Proofpoint Threat Protection Platform’s Advanced BEC Defense, Powered by Supernova: Available now, Proofpoint’s Advanced BEC Defense focuses on stopping attempted business email compromise (BEC) scams. This capability is powered by a completely new detection platform called Supernova. Leveraging inbound and outbound gateway telemetry, supply chain risk analytics, and API data from cloud productivity platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, it accurately uncovers even the most sophisticated email fraud attacks, and is available to all Protection, TAP, and P bundle customers today at no additional charge.

    Email fraud costs organizations nearly $2 billion every year— the largest category of financial loss in cybersecurity, according to the recent FBI Internet Crime Report for multiple years running. After only one month of deployment, Advanced BEC Defense has already prevented hundreds of millions of dollars in potential losses from BEC attempts.
  • Feature-rich Proofpoint Threat Protection platform packages: Available now at three levels of functionality, Proofpoint’s Threat Protection platform provides unique people-centric protection against email and cloud threats, including ransomware, credential phishing, BEC, and more. Innovations such as Nexus People Risk Explorer are available for P0, P1, and P1+ customers, and TAP URL Isolation is available for all P1+ customers.
  • Security Awareness Training CISO Dashboard: Available in early Q3 2021, Proofpoint’s newest dashboard will provide CISOs with visibility into program performance and peer industry comparisons to positively affect people-centric change.

Proofpoint Compliance Platform Provides Machine Learning Innovation and Advanced Collection

  • NexusAI for Compliance: Announced in May 2021, Proofpoint NexusAI for Compliance uses machine learning innovation to solve compliance-related challenges and quickly identifies compliance violations to save both time and material costs.


  • Proofpoint Content Capture Digest-based Data Collection and Storage: Available in early Q3 2021, Proofpoint’s Content Capture solution will feature enhanced digest-based data collection and digest-based storage and review in the Proofpoint Enterprise Archive. This innovation helps address pervasive data volume growth trends and enables digital communications content to be natively collected in full conversations – unified across channels and users’ identities – and not by independent chat messages. This functionality reduces review time to value while increasing accuracy in risk identification.

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