A closer look at the first smart self-disinfecting door handle

Swiss tech company Tweaq’s smart self-disinfecting door handle, which can potentially eradicate millions of pathogens per building, will be available from July 2021. 

Tweaq announced its self-cleaning aluminium door handle, Rise, in November 2020, and customers had been keenly registering their interest. The product is now available to purchase from July, whereas many of its competitors are still developing, making it the world’s first smart disinfecting door handle on the market. 

How it works:

  1. The user engages with the door handle as they usually would.
  2. Once the door handle is released, the Tweaq Rise is activated, and the peristaltic pump brings the disinfectant liquid from the casing to the sponge inside the ring around the door handle.
  3. An internal system drives the outer aluminium ring backwards and forwards once along the surface, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in under three seconds.  

Tweaq Rise is powered by an electric engine and lithium batteries, allowing more than 1,000 uses per cartridge.

Installation and maintenance:

Tweaq Rise installation is under ten minutes and can be used with standard doors with no modifications required.

The cartridge replacement is also quick and straightforward for staff or households to replace themselves after 1,000 uses.

When the disinfectant liquid runs out, the user will be notified using IOT and a blue LED on the casing. When this occurs, the user replaces it with a new cartridge and sends the empty cartridge back to Tweaq. Tweaq then refills the cartridge and recharges the batteries before being redistributed.   

Tweaq Rise has a contemporarily design, so it seamlessly blends into modern corporate and hospitality buildings. It is available in dark grey and Black.


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The cartridge replacement process has is as user-friendly and eco-friendly as possible. It requires the least amount of interactions and waste; it has a plug-and-play feature that allows the user to swap the cartridge in less than 30 seconds by plugging in a cable into a socket. 

Tweaq Rise is priced at £320.00 (365 EUR) for two handles (one full door) and £40 for a cartridge for consumers. Consumers who return the cartridge to be refilled will only be charged £20. For larger orders, the price is available on request.

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