5 Reasons Why a Business Phone System is Vital

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While people use email, chat apps, and other forms of communication now, important business conversations are still done over the phone. This is especially true whether an employee is situated in a socially distanced office environment or home working and making calls from there.

Here are five reasons why a business phone system is still vital.

1. Improved Facilities to Support Businesses

Not all business phone systems are the same. They offer different features depending on their core capabilities and what’s been requested by the customer.

Many options aren’t easily available or don’t work as well when choosing an inferior system. For instance, the ability to have hunt groups where calls are routed depending on the caller’s selections avoids the receptionist taking a confusing array of calls.

Also, the ability to listen to a voicemail from an email attachment is made possible with the better business phone systems that allow employees to catch on missed calls when still out of the office.

NextGen provides best-in-class business phone systems for SMEs that need phone solutions that won’t let them down or cost them valuable customers due to a fault.

2. Create Conference Calls without the Hassle

Dealing with different hardware and software, it’s harder than ever to get people connected successfully on a conference call. Technology can get fancier but often it fails more frequently too. Or someone couldn’t figure out the complicated instructions on how to join a call on an online platform and missed the conference entirely.

Deferring a conference call isn’t necessary when using a reliable phone system with a built-in conferencing ability. The lack of complication also means that no employee will have difficulty getting a reliable connection to the group call either.

3. Record All Calls

To create accountability on what’s being said both by staff and customers on the phone, it’s useful to store a digital recording of all calls.

In an age when sadly not everyone is being entirely forthcoming, it pays dividends to have an irrefutable record of what was said, and the tone used too. It can provide essential clarification and, if necessary, can even be supplied as a playable audio file to confirm it.

4. Scalable Systems as a Business Grows

Many business phone systems can scale up as the company expands rapidly by taking on new employees.

While initial systems may support a fixed number of lines and handsets, this can be changed more easily than in the past. Because of this, companies should have no fear about issues relating to expansion and the telephony technology keeping pace.

5. Access Phone Systems Remotely

Employees are frequently working some days at home now. But they still need to access the company’s phone system.

The better systems include the ability to make calls at home but through the company’s phone network. This ensures that the calls are still recorded, and the cost of the call is charged to the company, not the employee.

More is demanded of phone systems than ever before. Fortunately, the technology hasn’t stood still and offers many extra features and services to meet demands.

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