Facebook launches two new Portals, and one of them is portable

Facebook has launched two new products: portable Portal Go and the next-gen Portal+.
Facebook has launched two new products: portable Portal Go and the next-gen Portal+.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced via Facebook Live the launch of two new products to the Portal line: portable Portal Go and the next-gen Portal+. In addition to this, Facebook announced that it will be introducing new features for small businesses with Portal for Business.

Portal Go

The Portal Go seeks to bring the best of Portal Smart Camera video, while enabling portability. Facebook has added an integrated handle to the product, as well as a long-lasting battery. The Portal Go includes a 12MP camera with an ultrawide field of view for immersive video calls. In addition to this, the Go doubles nicely as a speaker.

New Portal+

Facebook’s new 14-inch Portal+ also features a 12MP Smart Camera with an ultrawide field of view.

Portal Go and the New Portal+

Our new 14-inch Portal+ also features a 12MP Smart Camera with an ultrawide field of view. Its stereo speakers deliver high-fidelity sound for crystal-clear audio. With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, Portal makes a perfect dedicated screen for work calls, freeing up your computer to take notes, view a presentation or multitask. And it’s also great for connecting with family and friends when the work day is over.

Image of Portal+

Value for businesses 

Facebook emphasizes that the latest Portal will complement hybrid and remote work strategies, as employees work from home and increase use of calling software. The tech giant has announced that from December, it will add support for Microsoft Teams for all Portal touch-based devices including Portal Go and Portal+.

Facebook is also introducing Portal for Business, a new service for SMEs to leverage Portal’s video calling and collaboration tools. This service will enable SMEs to create and manage Facebook Work Accounts for their teams. This service will become available later in the year. 


The 10-inch portable Portal Go, will retail at US$199, and our next-gen Portal+ will retail at $349. Both will begin shipping on 19th October. 


Other products by Facebook

The launch of this product follows shortly on from the release of Facebook and Ray-Ban’s smart glasses, Ray-Ban Stories. These wayfarers have a pair of cameras are built into the glasses to take photos and videos. They have a microphone and speaker to listen to podcasts, and a voice assistant so that they can be used hands-free. The frames can shoot five megapixel still images and record up to 30 seconds of video with a long or short tap of the device’s only button.

These glasses are a step towards Zuckerberg’s desire to create AR glasses that blend the digital and physical worlds. He acknowledges that these glasses are a step in that direction. “There’s a bunch of work that still needs to be done there,” he said, “but while we’re working on that long-term vision, I think it’s also helpful to kind of work our way up and say ‘What’s possible and what can we unlock for people today?’ And that’s what this product ends up being.”

“Our mission is to help build tools that will help people feel connected any time, anywhere,” said Facebook’s Monisha Perkash. “We want to create a sense of social presence, the feeling that you’re right there with another person sharing the same space, regardless of physical distance.”

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