The benefits of a virtual conference

Virtual meetings have been a staple for many businesses in the past year. Companies are using technology, now more than ever, to communicate, work together and even build team relationships. As workplaces begin to open back up, many businesses are contemplating a return to normality or a continuation of virtual conferences and meetings. 

Business has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation. The past year has seen rapid digital transformation across many sectors, but there is a real debate as to whether virtual business proceedings should continue indefinitely. While some may see it as essential to fully adopt remote working schedules, some still vouch for face-to-face meetings.

With regards to conferences, there are many positive factors in favour of continuing virtual events. In the post pandemic world, business owners are concerned about social confinement and the safety of their employees – not to mention the cancellation of organised events. Here are some of the benefits of hosting a virtual conference.

Maximise uptake

With no location restrictions, you can invite people from across the globe to a virtual conference. Business is truly a global market, and business owners should utilise this potential. Virtual attendees can connect with live events and even watch them the next day if time zones make live watching difficult.

Lower running costs

Big conferences can cost a fortune in hiring out space, food, drink and safety precautions. Virtual conferences are easier to organise and still offer the event’s content without the risks and complexity. Your sponsors can reach an even bigger audience online and make meaningful connections. 

You can still use live speakers in a virtual event as well. Virtual attendees can send in questions and comments as the speaker is talking to create an interactive event.

Easy to set up

Integrated systems make it easy to set up and organise for the event managers. With a streamlined event process, you can schedule more events and achieve objectives with a lot less hassle. Virtual conferences could save you time and money. 

A sustainable solution 

Travelling back and forth from conferences, particularly international events, can generate a significant carbon footprint. Virtual conferences mean less air and land travel and lower carbon emissions. Younger consumers are also starting to pay attention to how a business approaches environmentalism and eco-friendly practices. Being involved in environmentally considerate conferences could improve your brand image and reputation. 

Virtual conferences are undoubtedly going to play a significant role in the future of business and across various other sectors.  

Luke Conrad

Technology & Marketing Enthusiast

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