Securing the Metaverse

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Metaverse, in the space of a year, has gone from being a barely known concept to one of the hottest technology topics on the planet.

It is a key driver for the Web 3.0 revolution and with many of us already spending 1/3rd of the entire day immersed in digital activities like streaming, social interaction, conference calls, gaming, watching television, the concept of a future where we interact, communicate and purchase in a virtual world, doesn’t sound so much like science fiction any longer.

To add to this new era, cybercrime always has, and always will exploit the vulnerability, and new technology adoption which has to integrate new systems. Where humans will be going through new learning curves all adds to more potential gaps and weaknesses to be targeted. We are all familiar with terms such as phishing, malware, hacking, there is no doubt that with this new digital world will come an entirely new breed of cyber-criminal.

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February, 2022 Securing the Metaverse