Vivaldi 4.0 returns power to its users

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Vivaldi 4.0 has several new features, including Vivaldi Translate and the beta of Vivaldi Mail, Calendar, and Feed Reader.

Vivaldi has announced that it is launching Vivaldi 4.0, which will encompass several new features. “A growing movement of people worldwide is looking for reliable, functional alternatives to the tools offered by the tech giants. Vivaldi meets that need – and more – with an expanded set of integrated features that will give you more control of your data and your workflow. Simply put, the era of trusting Big Tech is over” said Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner.

Vivaldi Translate

Vivaldi notes that it does not track or collect its user’s data. This also is the case for its translation services, which does not save the information entered instead. This is something that its competitor, industry leader, Google, does not do. Vivaldi achieves this by leveraging Lingvanex’s servers in Iceland.

Customisable platform 

There are three different platforms that a user can opt for, depending on their needs: 

Essentials: This is the most simple variation of Vivaldi’s browser, with all of the security functions and its built-in Ad Tracker Blocker and Translation services. 

Classic: This layout adds Panels and the Status Bar to the offerings of the Essentials variation. 

Fully Loaded: Building upon the classic model, Fully Loaded also has the new beta version of Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Feed Reader and Vivaldi Calendar.

Vivaldi Mail Beta

“Unlike traditional mail clients, Vivaldi Mail does all the heavy lifting for you, even in its beta version. By automatically detecting mailing lists and mail threads, automatically categorising mail to make it easy to find, and offering a powerful search feature, Vivaldi Mail takes the weight off your shoulders, allowing you to enjoy their mail experience again”, Vivaldi CEO, Jon von Tetzchner, said. 

Vivaldi Mail Beta lets users change email providers as often as they like, without losing email filters so that they can search through the mail just like before. 

Vivaldi Feed Reader Beta

Vivaldi prides itself on ensuring that a user has total autonomy. Vivaldi Mail to display feed items. Users can choose to view and rename the feed items within the Mail Panel or view from the dedicated Feeds Panel. It allows sorting, indexing, and searching of feed items and even marks them as read without deleting them. It is a unified system where a user can view all messages in one place instead of finding and viewing feeds separately from mail.

Vivaldi Calendar Beta

“No one should need to share the details of their events and tasks with a company just so they can keep them organised. Our ambition goes beyond providing an alternative to data-collecting calendars. We aim to offer a better one with unique functionality”, Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner said.

Users have the choice to retain their data locally. In addition to this, it gives the ability to access and manage events from online calendars and add new calendars at any time.


“We represent the needs of our users and what the current times demand,” said von Tetzchner, “We move ahead as a company that does not exploit your data for profit. We continue to build products that have more ethos, more functionality, and better user experiences.”.

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An image of Vivaldi 4.0, Cyber Security, Vivaldi 4.0 returns power to its users

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