Appgate offered expositions from its impressive stand at Cloud & Security Expo

Last week tbtech went to the “Cloud & Cybersecurity Expo”, part of the Tech Show organized by CloserStill. Find out what we learnt from the experts and businesses who took part at the event below, as Appgate.

Take a look at our full video below.

Appgate works hard to understand how cybercriminals operate so that it can build the best secure access solutions as a defense. Its solutions help enterprises make sure the right people connect to the resources they need without friction. At the same time, the wrong people are kept out, which reduces the attack surface.

Appgate handles the complex threat landscape and protects your enterprises’ digital assets. It operates with relentless hard work to deliver the secure access solution that’s the most value for every security dollar spent. Its vision is to enable organizations to unlock growth and innovation by giving them the confidence that their network access is secure.

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Unlocking productivity and efficiency gains with data management

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Enterprise data has been closely linked with hardware for numerous years, but an exciting transformation is underway as the era of the hardware businesses is gone. With advanced data services available through the cloud, organisations can forego investing in hardware and abandon infrastructure management in favour of data management.