Starting your day, the smart tech way

Start your day off the right way every day with smart tech.
Start your day off the right way every day with smart tech.

We have all experienced those days that just start off on the wrong side of the bed, and when you are a busy business person, there is no time to have a bad start to your day. So we have done some research into the smart products that can make every day start off well. So every business day will be a good day with the below products.

Warm up the house

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning, lukewarm water, and the house is cold. The Nest Learning Thermostat can schedule when to warm up the water and rooms, meaning as you wake up, everything is ready and at the perfect temperature for you. Because it learns from you, it gets to know the temperature that you like while you’re at home and turns itself down when you’re away. It even learns how your home warms up or how draughty it is, so it only uses the energy that it needs. You don’t need to be home for the Nest Learning Thermostat to work; to change the temperature and control your hot water tank, you can access the app on mobile, tablet or laptop and choose your settings.

Let some light in

When your blackout curtains create a darkroom in those summer months, you might like to let some natural light in first thing in the morning. By installing an Ajax Online Blind Engine Motor to your current blinds, you can conveniently schedule when they should raise and lower and to what height. The Ajax Online Blind Engine Motor is easy to install and works with Tuya or Smart Life App, Alexa and Google Home.

When winter finally hits, and the struggle of waking up in the dark sets in, the use of a smart light such as the Lepro Wi-Fi Smart Bedside Table Lamp can assist in slowly waking you up. You will be able to set up lighting routines to suit your modern lifestyle and automate your lights where they can turn on at a specific time and at a specific brightness. You can tune your light to the perfect shade and brightness for your daily needs, from cozy warm white to energize cool daylight and from dim to bright. I personally use a smart light in the mornings just to give my brain a 20-minute warning so that I can slowly wake up; otherwise, I struggle to wake up as my alarm goes off. 

Get your morning cuppa ready 

Every good day starts off with a great cup of coffee, and Smarter Coffee 2nd Generation is designed to be simple and convenient, delivering the perfect brew each and every time. With the Smarter App, you can choose from two different modes, ‘filter’ and ‘grinder’, along with your desired strength, to achieve a flawless cup of coffee. Use the app to schedule your ‘Wake Up Mode’ and ‘Home Mode’ to have freshly brewed coffee ready when you are. When you order your Smarter Coffee machine, remember to add your favourite coffee to avoid disappointment. 

Not a coffee lover? Don’t worry; we have the perfect product to help you make your morning hot chocolate or cup of tea. The Smarter iKettle is designed to be simple and convenient, delivering the perfect brew each and every time regardless of your drink of choice. While using the app, you can schedule your kettle at the perfect temperature for your morning cuppa in the morning. The kettle also has a setting for baby formula, allowing hard-working moms to boil the kettle to the correct temperature every time. 

Get ready for the day

Once you are up and about, it’s time to make sure you are ready for the day. Google Nest Hub helps you get important info as you get ready for your day. With access to music, your calendar, news and weather, you can pick and choose what information you want every day. With all of these smart products within your house, you need s smart hub that can help you control them all, and the Google Home Hub is perfect for this. If your hub is in your bedroom, you can use it to ease into your morning. The Sunrise Alarm on Nest Hub wakes you up gently. It gradually brightens the display and increases the alarm volume. You can even see your sleep insights every morning. Sleep Sensing4 uses motion and sound to analyze the way you sleep.

Finding important belongings 

There is nothing worse than misplacing your car keys just before you leave for work, and it ultimately ends up making you late for that important meeting. All you need to do to fix this problem is use the Tile Pro + Slim Combo. You can either attach or place the tile on and in your important belongings. To track your belongings, you can use your smartphone to make your Tile ring when it’s nearby but out of sight. You can also use it the other way, double press the Tile button on your Tile Mate and make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent. When outside of Bluetooth range, use the Tile app to view your Tile’s most recent location or enlist the safe and anonymous help of the Tile Network. 

Leaving your home safe and secure

When it’s time to leave for work, you want to leave your house as safe as possible. Unfortunately, the concept of fitting a commercial-style access control system may be overkill and expensive with the labour costs of running cables and wiring up multiple components. Thanks to Simpled Digital Euro Cylinders, however, this is a thing of the past. With no wiring or technical installation required, this is by far the easiest and most convenient means of digital access control you could possibly imagine! This lock comes with six ways to unlock the door: smartphones, smart watches, fingerprints, temporary or permanent passwords, tags/stickers and a mechanical key. This is handy as you can track who has the details for your lock and can see who accesses your house when. This is great for dog walkers, nannies, and family members. 

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