Into the ElonVerse: exclusive NFTs

The ElonVerse is releasing 10,000 unique and exclusive non-fungible token (NFT)
The ElonVerse is releasing 10,000 unique and exclusive non-fungible token (NFT)

It has been announced that a non-fungible token (NFT) project will be launched on the Binance Smart Chain with a unique theme: ElonVerse. Investors will be able to customize any of the 10,000 NFTs on the minting platform. ElonVerse combines three profitable DeFi activities on a single platform: an NFT minting and competing platform, an old school dating app that pays too, and reward tokens.

Unique NFT

Each NFT will be non-interchangeable as it is stored on a blockchain that guarantees uniqueness. Any form of digital media such as photo, video, audio, and text can be used to create an NFT. ElonVerse’s NFT minting platform is home to thousands of funny and unique Elon NFTs, allowing every community member to mint their own until the exclusive supply runs out.


In addition to the personalization of the NFTs, the members of the ElonVerse can vote for their favourite NFTs. The one that is voted most popular in the community will be rewarded with ElonVerse utility tokens.


ElonVerse’s profitably crafted tokenomics provides investors with passive income in DogeCoin. Members of the ElonVerse will receive 5% of the token value they hold in DogeCoin. In addition, the platform reserves 5% of the transaction amount for marketing and development of the project and payments for ongoing advertisements, games, and platform development. Moreover, they commit a 2% liquidity fee and a 2% Jackpot fee. The amount reserved for liquidity is burned, leading to a sustainable ecosystem by keeping an upward price floor. The Jackpot fee goes towards the Jackpot pool, which is used to pay the prize to the winner of the NFT competition.

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