Neil Kinson

Chief of Staff / Redwood Software

Neil Kinson currently holds the role of Redwood’s Chief of Staff at Redwood Software where he is tasked with leading a number of the company’s global strategic initiatives, as well as the European business. Before joining Redwood, Neil began his management career at Xerox where he worked for 14 years. Next he joined the EMEA leadership team at OpenText where he collaborated at the highest level with some of the largest enterprises in the region including British Telecom (BT), The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) and Barclays.

Posts by Neil Kinson:

2021, the year the business automation gap is closed?

Most businesses would agree that Covid brought heavy process and cost implications along with it. And select British industries like hospitality have suffered substantial blows to their bottom line over the last 12 months. But is 2021, the year the business automation gap closed?