Wind River Secure Development Lifecycle

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In today’s world of heightened cybersecurity risks, Wind River® has committed to delivering trusted products, services, and partnership to our customers, the industry, and authorities. We ensure the security of intelligent systems from the cloud to the edge with whole-company readiness of integrated and operationalized systems that are aligned to industry security standards, frameworks, and regulations. We maintain a culture of trust that is a core value of our company and is naturally demonstrated in the way we do business every day.

Secure Development Lifecycle

Wind River supports a secure development lifecyle (SDL) across our products that is enforced by policy and implemented with standards, processes, and procedures. The SDL is aligned directly with the NIST 800-218 Standard and its principles: prepare the organization, protect the software, produce well-secured software, and respond to vulnerabilities.

The SDL is tightly integrated with our product development lifecycle (PDLC), and it is deployed across our enterprise and assessed regularly for conformance and assurance to customers of our trusted products.

5th March 2024