Wind River – Accelerating Avionics, Safety Certification

This Whitepaper addresses the challenges faced by aerospace manufacturers in achieving the Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment certification (DO-178C).

This document highlights the increasing complexity of avionics software systems, global supply chain issues, and the scarcity of testing engineers as major hurdles. It introduces the concept of reusability and leveraging certifiable intellectual property (IP) blocks to streamline the certification process, reducing time, cost, and risk.

The case study demonstrates how Wind River’s certifiable IP blocks, combined with professional services, helped a leading aerospace manufacturer accelerate its unmanned aerial vehicle’s certification, save costs, and address supply chain shortages. The paper emphasizes the benefits of leveraging pre-certified software, such as real-time operating systems, virtualization platforms, network stacks, security frameworks, and board support packages, to achieve faster innovation, competitive advantage, and time-to-revenue in the aviation industry.

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27th July 2023