Why move to as a Service?

With 85% of oganizations already operating in hybrid cloud environments with on premises being a dominant location for data, there is an upsurge in demand for As A Service (aaS) to deliver greater agility and financial predictability from on premise infrastructure.

The global market for aaS technology is continuing to grow, putting consumption based models into position to erase the sins of the past and accelerate into the future.

As a result, CIO’s are turning to aaS consumption models to improve the performance of their on-premise IT infrastructure.

By adopting aaS they are:

• Quicker to react to a changing market or business demands.
• Benefiting from increased budget predictablity and cost transparency.
• Driving greater efficiency into the IT supply chain.
• Leveraging investments made in people, technology and resources.
• Avoiding large project costs associated with cloud transformation programs.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about aaS and what a fair aaS model should offer you.

21st September 2022