Why aren’t factories as smart as they could be?

Data is revolutionizing manufacturing. Combined with powerful tools like artificial intelligence/machine learning and streaming analytics, real-time data is enabling new levels of innovation and the rise of smarter factories. Forward-leaning enterprises are pairing operational technology (OT) with edge computing to enable use cases that deliver remarkable benefits.

How edge computing accelerates the journey to a remarkable factory

The benefits of smart manufacturing come not from making individual machines smarter, but from gaining continuous insights into, and control over every process, from the start of the supply chain to the end customer. A first step that enterprises take toward digital transformation is often proof-of-concept initiatives focused on just one or two use cases. Unfortunately, these applications may be built on “accidental architectures” that have evolved over the years on the factory floor. These architectures are not engineered for efficiency, manageability and scalability, so they prevent enterprises from driving innovation forward. As a result, their factories are not as smart as they could be.

In this whitepaper, learn how to make your factory meet it’s “smart-potential”

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12th May 2022