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Unlocking competitive advantage with Process Oils built for performance

Today, polymer businesses are working under extreme pressure in an unpredictable environment. The impact of COVID-19 has seen fluctuating product demand cycles as end-customers manage operational volume changes in line with working restrictions and shifting consumer purchase habits.

As business efficiencies for polymer producers are under sharp focus, avoiding product quality issues has never been more important. And there are measures that can be taken to help avoid potential errors in an output intensive environment.

, , Unlocking competitive advantage with Process Oils built for performance

Making up 20–50% of a polymer compound and up to 100 parts per hundred in rubber blends, process oils are a vital part of this equation. Those with good performance and compatibility with the polymer help to influence its softness, elasticity and colour stability.

Shell has a legacy of expertise in this space, having worked closely with the world’s leading polymer manufacturers and compound producers for many years.

Shell Risella X oils are based on gas to liquids (GTL) synthesis technology, giving them a uniform molecular structure, which provides significant advantages for compound and rubber blend processing. Their low polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) levels also make them appropriate for applications requiring higher levels of purity. Our team of Shell experts are on hand to discuss how we can support you in your business goals. Learn more about how GTL formulation works, and how Shell Risella X can unlock a competitive advantage in our downloadable infographic set.

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  • , , Unlocking competitive advantage with Process Oils built for performance

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