Introducing the world’s first B2B digital solutions marketplace for the mining industry.

Meet OREN, the world’s first digital solutions marketplace for the mining industry. Designed with ease of-use in mind, OREN makes the daunting task of digital transformation accessible to all businesses. It offers a one-stop-shop of solutions, services and bespoke integrated solutions for application across the entire mine-to-market value chain.

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OREN guides you along a clear and strategic path to digitalisation by delivering best business outcomes that have the power to transform your business.


  • Growth & expansion – Lack of time & limited resource capabilities can make it challenging to arrive at a clear roadmap.
  • Digital innovation & technology – Slow implementation and difficulty in integrating digital solutions can make it hard to understand true return on technology investment.
  • Net zero & sustainability – Lack of knowledge can make it difficult to understand the carbon emission goals.


  • Strategic support & digital solutions – OREN’s Digital Development Workshop & globally sourced solutions help in the development of a strategic roadmap aligned with your company’s digital strategy.
  • Integrated solutions and clear technology ROI – OREN brings together solutions from best-in-class providers and can build or cocreated integrated use cases to support end-to-end across the mining value chain, avoiding the significant cost of embedding solutions into existing IT infrastructure.
  • Helps in achieving net zero goals – OREN helps your business track, report & reduce emissions eventually playing a bigger role in achieving net zero goals.

Download our introduction guide to find out how OREN can impact the four key areas of productivity, safety, cost and emissions reduction, or watch our video here to find out more today.