Introducing the world’s first B2B digital solutions marketplace for the mining industry.

Meet OREN, the world’s first digital solutions marketplace for the mining industry. Designed with ease of-use in mind, OREN makes the daunting task of digital transformation accessible to all businesses. It offers a one-stop-shop of solutions, services and bespoke integrated solutions for application across the entire mine-to-market value chain.

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Work with OREN to achieve your efficiency and safety goals by significantly increasing your production output, keeping employees safe and reducing costs through innovative products that operate in extreme conditions.


  • Unified view to compare & manage operations – Siloed view makes it difficult to arrive at long term strategic plans.
  • Cost optimisation & throughput – Lack of clarity can make it difficult to identify cost areas that might impact throughput.
  • Innovation & transformation – Lack of resources makes it difficult to drive business transformation


  • Single view across mining value chain – Single view across the entire mining value chain enables strategic decisions that enable you to improve on-site efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and introduce new technologies to focus on maximising productivity & improving safety.
  • End – end digital solutions – End-to-End Digital Solutions make it easier to address specific mining challenges (across the entire value chain) from drill & blast → trading.
  • Digital roadmap & support– OREN’s team of experts support the creation of a digital roadmap & provides ongoing support and guidance along the digitalisation journey.

Download our introduction guide to find out how OREN can impact the four key areas of productivity, safety, cost and emissions reduction, or watch our video here to find out more today.