Smart Linuxs Solutions for the Intelligent Edge

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of embedded systems with our exclusive webinar. This webinar is tailored for Wind River customers, developers, system architects, and project managers seeking to enhance their understanding of the intricacies involved in embedded projects.

Almost everything we interact with in today’s world is an embedded device that includes its own processor and operating system. Each increasingly communi- cates with others, computing data on or near location — at the intelligent edge.

To operate effectively, these devices all require varying degrees of security, safe- ty, and reliability. Whether your system requirements are mission critical, high security, long lasting, cost sensitive, customized, or off the shelf, your embedded devices need to keep up with rigid constraints.

A device designer faces many choices when determining how to architect an em- bedded solution. The Linux operating system offers faster innovation with artifi- cial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, high levels of security, standards that are common across all industries, flexibility and adaptability for many use cases, and cloud-native and DevOps support. But it doesn’t come without challenges.

5th March 2024