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Protect equipment, lower costs: effective TCO management

, , Protect equipment, lower costs: effective TCO management

Recent times have certainly been challenging. Businesses have had to rapidly adapt to changing working conditions and demand levels, all the while managing the uncertainty of the future.

While incredibly tough to navigate, what the pandemic has done, is put cost efficiency into even sharper focus for businesses to help protect the bottom line. Throughout industry, managing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of equipment is central to this – particularly when it is experiencing increased idling time or extreme fluctuations in volume.

A key area of equipment maintenance when looking to drive down TCO is avoidance of lubricant contamination – particularly with advancing equipment technology that incorporates smaller systems, increased power density and higher pressures making it more sensitive to this risk. Whether a plastics injection moulding machine, an off-highway excavator, or an ultra-filtration system, machines are subject to dust, dirt and moisture. These factors contribute to lubricant contamination which can cause costly downtime and lower productivity.

To help effectively manage TCO, businesses should look to pay attention to operational risks such as these – and the solutions that can help. At Shell Lubricant Solutions, we can support in identifying the issues and containing the costs associated with lubricant contamination. It requires a holistic approach from storage and transfer through to best practice application and management. Our team of experts are here to help. Take a read of our guide to identifying contamination and protecting equipment performance to safeguard your operations in these testing times.

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  • , , Protect equipment, lower costs: effective TCO management

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