Navigating Fleet Decarbonisation: A Guide to Driving a Successful Transition.

Professional, delivery and operational fleets, consisting of light commercial vehicles and/or passenger-carrying vehicles, are a significant contributor to global CO2 emissions.

In this report, we have provided fleet owners with:

  • A clear case for change – to help fleet owners and other stakeholders understand the value of taking action to decarbonise now;
  • A comparison of decarbonisation solutions available – to help fleet owners consider all their options, and understand the value of electric vehicles;
  • An “Accelerate to Zero” roadmap – to help fleet owners identify the high-level steps they can take to effectively decarbonise their fleet;
  • An Organisational Readiness Toolset – to help fleet owners identify and find ways to overcome organisational challenges; and
  • An EV Transition Toolset – to help fleet owners understand how and when to replace internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs) with EVs in a complex and changing environment.
8th September 2023