Mitigation of Interference in Multicore Processors

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Rapita Systems, Software Verification Tools and Services are provided to the aero defense and automotive industries. Our solutions are optimised to support on target software testing and produce the evidence needed to comply with D178C guidance. 

Consolidation of Legacy Single-Core Systems

Expected Benefits:

– Solve Hardware Obsolescence
– Reduces Space, Weight, Power and Cabling (SWap-C)
– Reduces BOM costs
– Move to an IMA (Integrated Modular Avionics) approach to aggregate applications with different lifecycle, for example

Possible Constraints to be Managed for Consolidation:

– Legacy OS and associated applications coming from different equipment
– Can be heterogeneous (OS, OS version, Different Standard Conformance, ect)
– Mixed-Criticality may exist (Partitioning may then need to be demonstrated)

5th March 2024