Lifecycle Security for Legacy Linux Platforms

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of embedded systems with our exclusive webinar. This webinar is tailored for Wind River customers, developers, system architects, and project managers seeking to enhance their understanding of the intricacies involved in embedded projects.

Wind River Studio Linux Services Helps Network Equipment Provider Find and Fix CVE on its Yocto Project Linux Platform, Slashing Technical Dept and Costs.


It’s a common challenge for network equipment companies: The pri- ority is creating breakthrough innovations, not supporting and main- taining legacy software on deployed equipment. But the unfortunate consequence, all too often, is a buildup of technical debt, higher security risks, and unstable software platforms.

In the case of one long-term Wind River® customer, a network equip- ment and solutions provider known globally for its advances in auto- mated, cloud-accessible networks, the laser focus on innovation meant routine maintenance of its Yocto Project Linux platform took a back seat. With service level agreements in place with the end customer, the development team realized late in the game that it couldn’t deploy new software until all critical security risks in the OS were found and fixed.

5th March 2024