ISDN SWITCH OFF – Why you need to upgrade before the end of 2023

If you are are using PSTN or ISDN technology in your business, in any capacity, you WILL be affected.

Regardless if your business has 1 or 10,00 employees, if you’re currently using PSTN or ISDN technology then the switch off is important to you. As of 2023 you will no longer be able to purchase ISDN lines and from 2025 any legacy technology using ISDN will no longer work.

Read our handy guide to find out:

  • Why you need to know what’s happening and when
  • How it WILL affect your business
  • The timeline of changes
  • Your options for a cloud based solution
  • How much money you could save
  • Your next steps to future-proof your business

Download this document and gain further insights.

9th August 2023