Intelligent workforce enablement

You are probably quite familiar with Microsoft 365 and GSuite in the productivity technology space. They are well-built for office workers working 9-to-5 on weekdays. But what about the roughly 80% of the workforce who are deskless staff like retail associates, telecom customer service reps, hospitality workers, sales team on the road and others working varying shifts.

We’re all about your workforce performance

Axonify plugs this tech gap via its smart app for shift workers that includes…

Adaptive, personalized training done in the flow of work in just 3-5 mins of your employee’s day. Real-time two-way internal comms and task management that keeps your people informed and organized. Engagement, motivations through rewards, on-demand knowledge base, and more. Because when your people have what they need to succeed, your business will too.

Watch this special episode of In The Know from Axonify and discover…

  • How and why deskless workers need a solution?
  • What’s the biggest problem with internal communications 
  • Who plays the most important role in shaping employee experience… and much more as two companies become one to create a fuller enterprise tech offering.

Hosted by JD Dillon, Chief Learning Architect of Axonify 

With special guest Jordan Ekers, Co-founder of Nudge 

Axonify is a trusted mobile-first enablement solution with over 200+ customers globally, including Vodacom, Walmart, Levi’s, Coop, Etihad, and others.

1st September 2022