Ciena’s Multi-Access Edge Computing Demo at MWC

Brings a Vision of the Automated Delivery of Mobile Video Services Across Multivendor Distributed Carrier Cloud to Life

Edge Computing, Whitepapers, Ciena's Multi-Access Edge Computing Demo at MWC

IDC sees the live demo of mobile video delivery across multi-access edge computing (MEC) at Ciena’s booth at MWC as particularly significant, considering it provided a simple and elegant illustration of how mobile VNF, virtualized content delivery network (vCDN), public/private cloud, and purpose-built network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVI) software could be brought together to deliver on-demand automated low-latency video services (such as those in AR/VR) over a combination of distributed edge and cloud infrastructure.

It also highlighted the importance of the orchestration and automation of a multivendor, multicloud solution in the delivery of potentially new carrier revenue streams in the 5G era.

Learn more in this white paper.

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