Evaluating Modern Enterprise Storage

The digital economy is transforming organizations of nearly every size, and these businesses need to rethink how to evaluate their IT infrastructure. Having the right storage technology is still vital—but now, the way that technology interacts with its surrounding ecosystem is arguably more important than ever. Dell Technologies is a leader in the storage landscape, and its Dell EMC PowerStore is modern enterprise storage designed to address the needs of our new era.

Rapid data growth and proliferating strategic digital business initiatives have been transforming organizations. According to ESG research, 98% of surveyed organizations report they are in some phase of digital transformation, and midmarket organizations are nearly as likely as their enterprise counterparts to identify as being mature in their digital transformation efforts (21% for midmarket organizations versus 22% for enterprises). And the percentage of organizations that say they are in process with their digital transformation efforts jumped from 39% to 50% in the past year.

ESG research findings offer a good look at the impact the rise of digital business initiatives is having on IT organizations and the storage infrastructures they manage. An increase in IT complexity is a big concern: 75% of IT decision makers say that IT is more complex than it was just two years ago. Thirty-eight percent of organizations identify higher data volumes as a top driver of that increased complexity, while 29% say the complexity has risen due to a major digital transformation initiative requiring them to leverage technology that alters how they operate. Additionally, 28% cite complexity stemming from increases in applications that leverage new modern architectures

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11th May 2022