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Equinix Customer Success Story: Lufthansa City Center

Founded in 1991, Lufthansa City Center (LCC) has been experiencing a constant growth, and is today the third-largest travel agency chain in Germany (300 offices). It offers virtual desktops for travel agencies that are managed entirely by LCC. The company required a flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure and interconnection.

“Equinix was an ideal infrastructure provider due to its high reliability and service guarantees,” said Thomas Klein, head of IT infrastructure, LCC.

Business challenge

LCC ensures constant availability of the IT systems for a large number of travel agencies. Since all travelers rely on an efficient booking process, the IT systems must guarantee 24-hour access with minimal latency. Travel and tourism is a very competitive market where security and data privacy are critical. Besides the IT solution being cost-effective, flexible and scalable, it was vital that data sovereignty remained within Germany—and this is guaranteed by Platform Equinix™.

One of the main challenges in the project was to combine the best aspects of both the physical and virtual worlds to create a hybrid solution through interconnection. This infrastructure consists of dedicated servers running the operating systems and a flexible public cloud that can scale on demand.

“In Axians we found a trusted partner. Its support in planning and implementation have been decisive factors in our success. We’ve benefited from the company’s long-term experience in the cloud services domain, allowing us to concentrate on new projects.”
Thomas Klein, head of IT infrastructure Lufthansa City Center

Discover how Equinix helped LCC succeed in this case study.

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