Enabling Embedded Solutions with Container Technology

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of embedded systems with our exclusive webinar. This webinar is tailored for Wind River customers, developers, system architects, and project managers seeking to enhance their understanding of the intricacies involved in embedded projects.

Monumental changes to embedded software development practices are underway to address the complexities of ongoing software lifecycle maintenance and critical security concerns. These challenges have captured the attention of many industry leaders who strive to enable and secure streamlined development and deployment methods.

Complementary technologies have spurred these changes. Such technologies have been driven by the growing adoption of edge computing, autonomous vehicles, medical devices for remote diagnosis and treatment, robotics, aerospace advances, and increasing 5G technology demands as mobile broadband and mmWave microcell installations proliferate.

Adopting cloud-native tools for development empowers teams to collaborate from around the world. Containers make this possible by sharing a common environment with reusable configurations for developing and deploying code. One of the advantages of using containers is that they can be adopted for both existing embedded applications and for new designs. Application developers, whether creating embedded or enterprise-focused programs, can deploy software written in Rust and Python using tools familiar to them. Think of it as a write-once, deploy-anywhere approach.

5th March 2024