Deploying Embedded Applications Faster With Containers

Container technology is fundamentally changing how systems are being developed, tested, deployed, and managed. People are most familiar with containers as part of cloud-native architectures in which applications are decoupled from the infrastructure — including hardware and operating systems — on which they are running.

The benefits of this approach include being able to automate the software pipeline to remove manual errors, standardize tools, and accelerate the rate of product iterations.

With a CI/CD pipeline, companies can leverage continuous integration (CI) where code changes are merged in a central repository with continuous delivery (CD), thereby providing the ability to automate the entire software delivery process and deliver highquality software faster.

Embedded developers can also benefit from the infrastructure-agnostic, scalable execution environment enabled by containers. Imagine a design process — from development to test to deployment to production to management — in which developers can share resources, pipelines, and results across the team. Instead of being limited by the number of development boards available, companies could exploit the elasticity of the cloud to set up multiple instances of a system on demand.

30th June 2022