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Automotive: Digital Edge Playbook | Equinix

This playbook outlines how automotive industry leaders can deliver digital and connected car capabilities through greater collaboration with supply chain partners, business ecosystems and customers. By establishing a presence at the digital edge, automotive businesses can securely leverage data from ecosystem participants and seamlessly access network, cloud and IT providers. The result is the ability to personalize the customer experience, minimize business risk, and scale through ecosystems to emerge as a digital automotive industry leader.


Customer expectations for innovative digital and connected car capabilities are forcing automotive manufacturers to transform IT and business operations for agility, real-time customer engagement, partner-based collaboration and scalable service delivery. Traditional, centralized IT infrastructures are rigid, costly and unable to integrate the promising new digital capabilities available through third-party supply chain partners and business ecosystems.


To integrate new digital technologies, enable dynamic partner collaboration and reduce business risk, automotive companies must re-architect their IT infrastructures on a globally distributed interconnection platform. Direct, secure interconnection to partners, ecosystems and customers enables automotive companies to deliver premium connected car experiences at the digital edge. Follow the strategy in this playbook to enable private data exchange and achieve greater innovation, revenue and profitability.