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2022: The Year Of The Employee

Employers today need to understand how they can meet employees’ expectations of what they want in a job in order to retain them, especially in an increasingly hybrid workforce-dominated environment.

Needs For Remote And Hybrid Workspaces

The Future of Work survey by Ergotron, a global company designing and manufacturing ergonomic solutions to improve workspaces and interaction with technology, revealed that despite 88% of employers seeing the importance of bringing IT devices when working in different rooms, almost a quarter (23%) of employers disagreed that the provision of the right ergonomic work conditions and support in employees’ health and overall well-being would be a strong asset in talent acquisition.

Britain’s Uplevelling Plan

Remote work could enable over 13 million Brits* to seize the opportunity to live and work outside the major cities, helping to spread economic opportunity across the UK, according to research released today by ClickUp, the all-in-one productivity platform.

How to bolster and optimise employee and customer experience

In 2022, bolstering customer and employee experiences should be a priority for every business. To understand why we need to examine the transformations work has gone through over the past two years. In March 2020, we saw a mass move to new ways of working that finally banished the myth that remote work meant low productivity or poor collaboration. Instead, armed with the right technology, for knowledge workers, new possibilities were opened up.

Creating the workspace of the future

With retaining and recruiting staff becoming a priority for many companies, Dan Harding, CEO, Sign In App, explains why it’s essential for organisations to consider planning for the long-term management of new a new workspace.