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Why CRM (still) fails

CRM is a core component of the operational toolkit – even SME adoption levels have now reached 79%, according to a recent survey from Workbooks. And yet, CRM success rates are still too low. For every business achieving phenomenal business transformation, another will have wasted resources and seen zero return. 

As a mature market, there are countless CRM solutions now available, many of which are loaded with fantastic features and functionality. So what makes the difference between CRM failure and CRM success? As John Cheney, CEO of cloud-based CRM vendor Workbooks, explains, it isn’t the technology that delivers success – success can only be achieved if companies set clear business outcomes at the point of purchase. 

The Practical ROI of a quick Active Directory recovery

Instead, Sean Deuby, Director of Services, Semperis, looks at a few practical ways to see a return on your investment in ensuring a proper AD recovery, allowing you to do your own calculations and come to your own conclusions. Of course, losing one domain controller is a problem in itself, but let’s look at another increasingly common scenario that has catastrophic consequences: a ransomware attack that takes out every domain controller across all company sites. In that situation, recovering AD can be a white-knuckle, under-the-gun challenge.