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What’s the future of banking?

Mark Aldred, VP of International Sales at Auriga, a leading omnichannel bank software provider; explores the future of banking including contactless payments, NextGen branches, and virtual banking.

2022: Delivering omnichannel digital retail innovation with an emotional connection

Radical changes took place in 2021 retail sales models, with traditional in-store retailers adopting digital apps and clienteling to offer a hybrid in-store and digital presence. Already-online retailers raced to embrace complex technologies to deliver omnichannel digital experiences. Customer experience can’t mean more to brands, and the human touch of ‘in-store’ assistants is a growing trend to support digital technologies for a hybrid sales process. Sarah Friswell, CEO at Red Ant, discusses what 2022 may hold for retailers to deliver for consumers’ needs and offers some tips to deliver CX that builds loyalty and impacts the bottom line.