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Importance of a Zero Trust Approach to GenAI

In an era where machine-generated media holds increasing influence over how we communicate, live, and learn, ensuring accountability will be paramount. Holistically integrating Zero Trust security spanning authentication, authorisation, data validation, process oversight and output controls will be vital to ensure such systems are safeguarded as much as possible against misuse. But what would Zero Trust Generative AI look like? Why is it required? How should it be implemented? And what are the main challenges the industry will have?

NLP bias and its impact on AI

Natural Language Processing refers to the use of computers for information processing in the form of natural language text, as written or spoken by humans. It is highly effective at a whole range of tasks and can be transformative in any organisation. Yet the issue of bias in Natural Language Processing will not go away and, if not addressed, could affect the deployment of AI.

How can businesses use Natural Language Processing, and what can be done to eliminate any bias? Thomas Diggelmann, Machine Learning Engineer at augmented intelligence firm Squirro, explains more.