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Moving into 2024 AI Continues to Redefine Our Future

Following the AI UK safety summit at Bletchley Park, the recent noise of Google’s Gemini with its potential capabilities in natural language processing, large-scale machine learning, coupled with its vast dataset access, and Microsoft’s Co-pilot potential to outperform existing models in terms of scale, efficiency, and contextual understanding, this is really starting to push the boundaries of AI capabilities.

Will We Lose Creative Spark through AI?

A recent Tech Trends report questioned the data security relating to protecting online data from scrapers and AI training. How can data shared publicly be protected or is it fair game given the fact that it is already exposed on third party platforms. This is becoming increasingly prevalent in the news, with numerous court cases arising as a result already. Using and sharing other outlets news and reporting has made headlines internationally, with some of the biggest corporates and government bodies involved.