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Why Transition from 4G to 5G+ vRAN/O-RAN?

The journey from legacy to 5G doesn’t have to be off-putting. It is a process that, if approached strategically, can make your company a pioneer in the digital age. Virtual and Open RAN, which come with broader choices of technology options and greater flexibility, are giving service providers greater opportunity as they transition their networks. What would a strategic approach look like and how can new technologies help with the shift?

BT launches 5G immersive spaces

New connected spaces provide fully immersive experiences by combining interactive, 360° video content – complete with lights, sounds and smells – compatible with Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Extended Reality (XR)

BT uses AWS Wavelength for 5G and cloud services

New long-term, multi-million-pound investment gives BT’s UK business customers access to edge computing services – with the first site now live for customer trials in Manchester, before general availability targeted for later this year

Thriving In The 5G Era.

As consumer demand rises, and network availability expands, 5G is becoming more viable for widespread use — by 2027 it’s expected to cover 75 per cent of the world’s population. However, it’s still no secret that 5G uptake is dawdling and many enterprises still aren’t enjoying its benefits.

Why Low-Latency Is So Important.

Consumer interest in 5G technology has been fueled by the arrival of glamorous, speedy handsets such as Apple’s iPhone 12, with 5G networks now rolled out to many towns and cities across the country.

How 5G can become a reality and the implementation across the UK and Scotland

We spoke to Lara Moloney, Head of S5GConnect at The Scotland 5G Centre, about the use and implementation of 5G. Lara Moloney has had an extensive career in the smart city sector and was previously a Director and Chief Operating Officer for an independent publishing company -meaning she has experienced all areas of rapid business expansion and implementation.

5G to unleash a digital revolution that will power industry 4.0

Private 5G networks and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) signal a new era in connectivity. They allow businesses access to high bandwidth, ultra-low latency and high reliability. This makes high-speed operations like smart manufacturing, next-generation logistics and self-driving vehicles possible.

5G and its relationship with IoT

There is no question that 5G will become central to how businesses and societies operate in the future, with the shift being likened to moving from a typewriter to a computer. With the combination of both 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), we will see a huge number of business applications brought to life.

The Journey of G

While the 5G rollout symbolizes a move towards the future, there are still millions of IoT equipment relying on 2G and 3G networks today. With networks set to close as soon as 2023 and other providers saying nothing at all, the industry needs clarity. Sutha Siva, CEO of OV, explores why.