OryxAlign selects SolarWinds to enhance password management


In this Q&A, Carl Henriksen, Founder & CEO of OryxAlign, explains why his company selected Passportal, and stresses the importance of password management

One of the UK’s leading Managed Technology Service Providers (MSPs), OryxAlign, has chosen SolarWindsPassportal to automate and provide secure password management for its client base. OryxAlign delivers managed technology services across multiple sectors throughout the UK & Europe, and its clients include major British brands such as Ella’s Kitchen and Jellycat, as well as the UK’s largest commercial property landlords.

Does OryxAlign have a past relationship with SolarWinds?

We’ve been using the SolarWinds Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform for several years, which has underpinned our managed service provision. SolarWinds RMM has been able to give us a 24/7, 360-degree view of device/end-point health and performance across all our clients. 

What was the thinking behind this investment into a new password management solution?

We’re constantly looking for new, innovative tools and applications to further automate processes, increase efficiency and improve end-user experience. The adoption of SolarWinds Passportal & Documentation Manager, a unified set of secure self-serve password management and privileged client knowledge management tools, further enhances our service offering while addressing risk and compliance requirements. Our clients now have the facility to achieve direct and immediate control and secure password management, without placing undue burden on our service desk. 

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What issues are you trying to address by adopting Passportal?

For all MSPs, effective password management is a complex and time-consuming task –  but it’s crucial for reducing risk. SolarWinds Passportal provides us with easy-to-use password management and privileged client knowledge management tools in a singular console. Products are delivered both self-serve and via a Password Management as a Service (PMaaS) model, such flexibility is massively helpful in alleviating typical password management pains. 

Specific Passportal capabilities that are attractive to us include secure password and documentation management for rapid access to the privileged information needed for effective support, and self-service password reset to deliver a more secure and automated experience. The GDPR-compliant product also easily integrates with our third-party solutions – that’s a massive plus for us.

How serious is poor password management as a security risk?

It takes very little effort for cybercriminals to target businesses through the exploitation of user credentials. This is why specialised tools that deliver password and privileged information management are so critical for MSP today.

How does automation factor into your growth as a business?

We’ve doubled in size and matured significantly as an MSP over the last three years – and are now a team of more than 75 people, spanning three locations. With a strong focus on innovation and automation, we’re always scanning the horizons for new and exciting technology which can show improved operational efficiency whilst delivering value to our clients. SolarWinds Passportal provides an additional layer of automation and security for our clients. We’re particularly happy about the self-serve element of the application, which will reduce the number of support requests and empower the user.

Markets and Markets has predicted that the global managed services market will reach $282 billion by 2023, up from $180.5 billion in 2018. Solutions much like Passportal, which embed automation and facilitate self-service in managed technology services, are fundamental for managed service providers like OryxAlign to maintain, scale and fulfil the promise of rapid growth.

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