WYSPR launches first-ever Friendfluencer Marketplace

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WYSPR, a platform that turns consumers into influencers by allowing regular social media users to promote brands to an audience of friends and family, has launched the first-of-its-kind Friendfluencer marketplace.

WYSPR launches its new SaaS marketplace, offering brands and agencies a consumer-driven platform where they can connect with their consumer advocates to generate high-engagement content across social media.

WYSPR is a startup that connects brands and agencies with consumer advocates, so they generate digital word of mouth to an audience of their friends and family.

Their new SaaS marketplace offers brands and agencies a consumer-driven platform where they can connect with their consumer advocates to generate high-engagement content across social media.

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A London advertising technology startup has launched a first-of-its-kind Friendfluencer platform, connecting companies with consumer advocates at scale.

LONDON, 22nd of August 2022WYSPR is disrupting the influencer marketing space by launching the first-ever marketplace that connects brands with their strongest consumer advocates and creates social media campaigns that result in unprecedented engagement rates.

WYSPR’s new SaaS platform provides brands with a consumer-driven alternative to influencer marketing. WYSPR uses regular social media users to promote brands, reaching an audience of friends and family, not just fans and followers: a service they call Friendfluencing.

After operating as the first-ever Friendfluencer agency for a year and a half, WYSPR’s SaaS marketplace allows brands and agencies to manage their campaigns and reach consumer advocates. Brands and agencies can now independently find top-notch consumer advocates to produce content, promote, and conduct surveys to market their products or services.

WYSPR connects brands with social media users who genuinely like the brand, incentivising them to promote and share their products or services in exchange for money. WYSPR’s mission is to democratise advertising by building a more direct relationship between brands and consumers.

Studies show that consumers are five times more likely to buy a product or service when a friend suggests it. WYSPR’s Friendfluencers generate average engagement rates that are ten times greater than influencer marketing.

Dr Adedayo Bada, Technical Principal of WYSPR, states, “Launching the first of its kind consumer advocacy marketplace has been truly exciting. Managing the data points for one influencer with a hundred thousand followers is easy, but managing one hundred regular consumers, each with a thousand followers, can be a project management nightmare. Now brands can manage their campaigns seamlessly and effortlessly through a platform designed for them.”

Oliver Bourne, Co-Founder of WYSPR, says, “WYSPR has always intended to expand into SaaS technology, as we always envisioned creating an accessible space for brands and users to connect. WYSPR’s marketplace is where brands and agencies can provide a new channel for consumer advocacy. This is only the first step to WYSPR’s vision to democratise advertising for consumers and brands.”

WYSPR has undergone a string of successes. They recently won a competitive brand innovation pitch at MAD FEST and have been shortlisted for best social media tool of the year at the UK’s Social Media Awards 2022. Additionally, Oliver Bourne and Eliot Wood, Co-Founders of WYSPR, have been named Young Entrepreneurs of the Year finalists at the Great British Entrepreneurs award and shortlisted for rising stars at the UK Social Media Awards 2022.

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WYSPR is pioneering Friendfluencing within the social media sphere, by turning the regular consumer into influencers. They assist some of the world’s most forward-thinking brands in curating hyper-authentic campaigns which result in unparalleled engagement rates. Their passionate industry experts are committed to delivering consumer and community-driven advertising innovations, which result in an average of ten times higher engagement rates than the average influencers. WYSPR’s mission is to democratise advertising by cultivating a more direct relationship between brands and consumers, providing users with autonomy over their data and brands with direct connections with their consumers.

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An image of , News, WYSPR launches first-ever Friendfluencer Marketplace

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